GiveCamp 2012

Today is the official start of the 2012 Baltimore and Southwest Ohio GiveCamps.  For the second year in a row, AIS is providing support and sponsorship for these amazing weekend long events!

But what exactly is GiveCamp?

Well, GiveCamp is a 100% volunteer-driven event in which technology talent, media and branding gurus, business professionals and logistical coordinators donate their time and partner with local charities and non-profit organizations to allow coding miracles to happen.  All too often non-profit organizations and charities have true business needs for technology, but their limited budgets preclude proper technology investments.  This is where GiveCamp comes in.

Area talent graciously offers their time and services to assist with the development of websites, tracking or collaboration systems, data repositories and the like, to help local organizations in need, all for a good cause!  The AIS team is lending a hand through the volunteering of technical talent and logistical coordination.  Additionally, AIS is a sponsor of this year’s GiveCamps.  Last year, over $250,000 worth of technical services were donated to local non-profits and charities and we hope to make a bigger impact this year!

(You can check out videos and photos from Southwest Ohio GiveCamp 2011 here and here. The AIS team had a great time!)

About Amy Smith

Amy Smith has nearly 10 years of professional Talent Acquisition experience with nearly ten years specializing in the recruitment of high-end software professionals for various technical services firms in the Washington metropolitan area. Her passion for helping technical folks progress in their careers was the perfect marriage with Applied Information Sciences and their unprecedented growth. Amy is in constant pursuit of honing her recruitment craft and building on her knowledge base to share with her colleagues. She is actively involved with the local technical community and serves on the board of the Central Maryland ASP.NET Professionals user group and the Baltimore GiveCamp. Amy is a networking and social media enthusiast and feels the best way to build a company is through building strong relationships.